Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Think Before You Speak

Please pardon my venting, and feel free to leave gracious responses to these comments, as well.

Real comments I have received from real people in the past week . . . (Feel free to leave comments with snarky responses to these-- I have inserted some of my own. I would never say most of them, but it's still satisfying to think about it.)

"You're still here?!"
("I'm glad to see you too!")

"No baby yet, huh?"
(*looks down at belly* "Oh no. We had him last Tuesday Can't you tell?")

"Why haven't you had that baby yet?"
("Because I'm just not trying hard enough.")

"He hasn't come yet? What's wrong with him?"
("He has his mommy's sense of punctuality.")

"Just calling to check in!" (from a relative who has never called "just to check in")
(Ummm . . . thank you?)

Seriously people. Not only do I realize that I am, in fact, still pregnant, I'm also painfully aware of the fact that my body is not doing what it is "supposed" to do right now. I have one job right now: releasing a baby, and I am failing at it. I know this is through no fault of my own, but it surprises me how many people act like it is. Trust me, if I could just decide to go into labor right this minute, I would.

Until then, could people please think before they speak?


Beth Anne said...

Hang in there - soon it will be a distant memory!

Maura said...

You sure have an adorable belly! Can't wait to hear the news!!!