Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gettin' Antsy

Waiting for a baby is like waiting for Christmas... when you're 3. Christmas is probably the most exciting and hype-filled event in your little life so far. And, because you have no concept of time, you have no idea when it's coming, so you end up waking up every morning, thinking, "Is it Christmas today? How about tomorrow?". It's thrilling when you're 3 and looking forward to presents. Not so much when you're a grown-up waiting for the day when your life changes forever.

I've gotten used to being able to tell time. I know how many months, days, hours it is until my birthday, Christmas, even Friday afternoon or the next doctor's appointment. To not know when I'm suddenly going to be responsible for a brand new person is driving me nuts.

Sometime between now and the first week of February, we are going to become parents. And we're going a little crazy waiting around for it. Adrian was talking to my belly last night, telling our little boy to just come out already. I did the same thing around 2:00 this morning. The cashier at Babies R Us did it this afternoon. We're all united, little tadpole. You can get here. Any time now.

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