Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been a rough night...

First time mom thoughts at 2 am:

"When I've been having contractions every 10 minutes all day, and then they wake me up at night, that has to be the 'real thing', right?"

Wrong, apparently.

Got up around 2 with the most uncomfortable contractions I've had so far. Timed a few; watched them go from 10 minutes apart to 5 minutes. Listened to my iPod while waiting for them to either stay at 5 minutes or get closer together. Thought briefly, "We could have a baby today!" Watched them go back to 10 minutes apart. Went back to bed around 4:30. Woke up 20 minutes later with another one. Knew then that my body was playing a cruel joke on me. Didn't have any more until 7am. Discouraged. Irritated.

Trying to go back to sleep.


Sarah said...

Praying that it's soon!!!

InDeeds said...

No fun. Perhaps your body is just practicing. Hopefully it will be soon!