Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something's Missing Part 2

I only told you half the story yesterday...

Yes, we finished the mural. But that's not it. We actually finished the WHOLE ROOM.

Once again: less description, more pictures.

the whole room, as viewed from the doorway

the dresser/changing table, courtesy of Adrian's mom (it was his when he was little and has received a new coat of paint, some new hardware, and drawer liners in preparation for Tadpole)

wall words courtesy of InDeeds

changing table close-up; that book is what inspired it all (a first edition!) not to worry; it will find a safe place on a shelf at some point-- Adrian has already informed me that it would be "target practice" sitting there, but I had to get it in the room somehow, if only for the pictures)

Peter checking out the carseat, which hopefully won't be living in Tadpole's room much longer

... which brings me to the title of this post. We've got a room, a crib, a changing table, a dresser with clothes in it, some awesome wall art. What's missing?

Oh, that's right. A baby.

C'mon contractions...


InDeeds said...

Looks fabulous! And I love the way you lined up the wall words!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of what we did to your room in high school. Love you guys! I'm hoping for contractions.

Maura said...

Looks awesome....can't wait to meet Little Peterson when he decides to make his appearance!