Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We've been house-sitting (which apparently means I don't blog).

Some friends of ours have a really nice house . . . with a really big yard . . . a really nice pool . . . and a really extensive collection of toys. Occasionally, they ask us to house-sit (and dog-sit, since they also have a really big dog). It's the kind of place we would go on vacation, so we treat it like one. We love it; what could be better than a vacation 5 minutes away from home? We eat outside, swim in the pool, and pick fresh raspberries out of the backyard. I use Lyndon's naptime to rest and read, instead of catching up on housework, and Adrian and I can watch The Food Network after the little guy is in bed. Bliss.

Unfortunately, this bliss does not translate very well to blogging. I'm not super comfortable posting pictures of someone else's house, and, most of the time, I just forget to take them. It doesn't feel like a "special" enough occasion, I guess. A vacation at the beach feels like a valid reason to have the camera out all the time. A vacation down the street? Not so much.

All that to say, I don't have a single picture of our little pseudo-vacation that we took last week. BUT, now that I'm back into the swing of blogging, I do have lots of stuff to share. Starting with some recent purchases . . . (to be continued)

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