Friday, September 23, 2011

pumpkins and pouty faces

Last week, we took a trip to the apple orchard. It was perfect: the first day of crisp, cool, fall weather. We went for a hayride and picked some apples. And then I tried to get a picture of Lyndon.

And I realized we have entered the "grumpy for the camera" phase. He was perfectly content until the camera came out, I promise. But once he saw it, I could not get a happy face out of him, no matter what I did (and I did some pretty ridiculous things).

But, I think the pictures are cute anyway. So here we go!

Concentrating very hard to walk along a narrow bench . . .

. . . then deciding it was more fun to sit.

Playing with a pumpkin . . . still no smiles.

A picture with mommy . . . sort of halfway happy.

 Aaaand the closest thing I got to a real smile all day (of course the one where I cut his head off).

Despite the apparent grumpiness, it really was a great time. Hooray for fall!

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InDeeds said...

There is something so cute about that second picture...pouty face or no, he's adorable :-)