Sunday, October 23, 2011

totally unrelated, completely random

Haven't blogged in a few days; nothing earth-shattering has happened, just the stuff of everyday life.

Baby #2 has started getting hiccups; I'm pretty sure he's starting to hang out head-down more and more, as well. He's so low that occasionally I can feel him pressing on my pelvic bone; it's a little weird and I find myself thinking about pre-term labor all the time now.

Lyndon had a low fever on Friday, then again tonight. We think he's starting to get some eye teeth, since normal sickness doesn't skip a day. It sure does make him grumpy, though, to be feverish like that.

Had our church's 7th anniversary celebration today. It's been a tough year: lots of people have left, and the ones who have stayed are starting to burn out a bit. There's a lot to do and not a lot of members to do it. Adrian and I had our first day off together in a looong time. We got to come to church together, on time, and it was wonderful. Had some church friends over afterwards and shared some of our concerns with them. Adrian managed to nail it: We're "evaluating" our church. Taking inventory of how much longer we're called to be there.

Adrian got a chance to borrow some swanky digital SLRs from work the last few weekends; I just finished importing the pictures, and I'll share some soon. Oh boy did I love taking pictures with those cameras; they felt so natural. We decided that I wouldn't use one enough to justify buying it, though, especially since I'd need something more than my netbook to get the most out of it. Maybe next year.

We need to take our Christmas pictures soon, but I can't find outfits in a common color for all of us. That's my mission for this week, I suppose.

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InDeeds said...

We will be praying for you guys as you are evaluating church things - such decisions are never easy!