Friday, October 28, 2011

with a son like this, who needs a daughter?

Just kidding. I would totally welcome a little girl into our family if God decided to give us one. Totally.

However, this week, Lyndon has begun to show an interest in some. . . homemaker type tasks of mine. You know, the ones I hope to teach my daughter how to master someday.

He saw me using my mixer and begged to help make some apple crisp . . .

Then I cleaned the windows, and he wanted to get in on that too, so I let him wipe down the dishwasher with his very own (water-filled) squirt bottle . . .

He took his job very seriously, and has probably used his bottle and rag three or four times since then, completely unprompted. He also discovered the dustpan, after seeing me sweep the floor, and has had a great time using it as a Lyndon-sized broom.

I guess I kept thinking of him as a little baby, too young to help with things and not just make a huge mess, or as a tough little boy, not interested in things like baking and sweeping. But he's proving me wrong, and I love it.

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InDeeds said...

Might be time to give that boy a chore chart. haha! I love the pictures of him cleaning the dishwasher