Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween?

On some subjects, it is difficult to have an original thought. So many smart people have spent time writing about it, that to add to all that would just be silly. This is especially true when you've just finished reading an article by Mark Driscoll that sums it up perfectly. :-P

Such is the case with the "Halloween for Christians" issue. Should we even celebrate at all? If so, how? And why? As I don't have a well-articulated answer of my own right now, and my child just woke up from his nap, I'll simply refer you to the article I just read. I am still forming my convictions on this issue, so give me until tomorrow. Then maybe I'll have some thoughts for you . . .

. . . along with some pictures of the cutest little "lion" you've ever seen. :-)

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