Saturday, July 30, 2011

16 (er, almost 17) week belly shot: movin' and shakin'

Well, it's official; Tadpole and I have a new due date: January 7th. And just the fact that I managed to get the date changed reminds me why I love The Birth Center. My ultrasound said Jan. 7th, but most doctors wouldn't change a due date based on that, since it's only a 6 day difference from my earlier January 1st date. Fortunately, I have both very understanding midwives and additional evidence supporting a Jan. 7th due date. The midwives and I have determined that I ovulate on week 3, not week 2 like most women, supported by lots of evidence, including the fact that Lyndon was exactly a week "late". (Incidentally, I'm pretty sure he also measured a week behind on his early ultrasound, but nobody thought to change things around then. Now they know better.)

So, my "12 week" shot was actually an "11 week" shot, and so on. But now we've got our act together. So on to the pictures!

Isn't that bathroom lighting just glorious? Yeah, I know. It was the best I could do.

Close-up of the belly. I pretty much look pregnant now, instead of just fat, as long as I wear a shirt that fits closely, not one of those circus tent numbers.

Exciting news this week: I've started feeling little Tadpole move! Both the ultrasound tech and every midwife that's tried to find a heartbeat has commented on how much this little one has been moving, and I concur. It's not a strong enough feeling to stop me in my tracks just yet, but there are plenty of moments throughout the day, especially if I'm sitting down, when I can tell that Tadpole is all kinds of active in there. It's comforting to know he/she is alive and well, but it's a little scary to think about having a child that's that active. Then again, Lyndon was a mover, too, and he's turning out to be the best kid I could have wished for. So, no worries.

Two more weeks until our next ultrasound, when the all-important question will (should) be answered: boy or girl?

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