Monday, November 28, 2011

32 week belly shot: like puberty, but faster

My apologies for the prolonged silence; the stuff of life has gotten in the way of blogging (Thanksgiving, pregnancy, motherhood, stuff like that). But now I'm back! And what a post to be back with. Having reached 34 weeks of pregnancy this past weekend, I thought it was high time I posted my 32 week pictures. These were actually taken on week 32. (You'll see the difference in two weeks when I post the next set. Oy.)

I got to a point in my pregnancy with Lyndon where nothing fit. I'm not talking about that sweet 20ish week moment when you realize that you need a pair of maternity pants for the first time. No, I'm talking about somewhere in the mid 30s, when you put on a maternity standby you've been wearing for weeks and it suddenly doesn't work.

It reminds me a little of puberty, only faster. I remember, starting around age 12, going to my closet every 6 months or so and discovering that some things just didn't . . . work. It wasn't that I'd grown out of them, necessarily, at least not everywhere. It was just that they fit . . . differently. And not a good different. This stage of pregnancy is like that. The only difference is that instead of happening every few months, this happens every few weeks. So, I find myself employing the teenager method of dressing, you know, the one where you try and discard 5 outfits before you can leave the house in the morning.

Other than that, though, this third trimester is going wonderfully. I don't have aches or pains. I don't even have heartburn. I've only really had 2 leg cramps and can still breathe well enough to sing. If it wasn't for the extra 28ish pounds I'm carrying around, I wouldn't know I was pregnant at all. (If you're tempted to hate me for this, go back and read about my 29+ hour labor with Lyndon. I had a fantastic pregnancy with him too.)

Well, little one, it won't be long now! I can't wait to meet you!

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InDeeds said...

Yikes - 34 weeks already. Time sure does fly the 2nd pregnancy. You are looking fabulous!