Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dandelions and a singing turtle

A couple Mondays ago, I took Lyndon to the park . . . the bigger one down the road that he's only visited a few times. We went right after breakfast, so we were the only ones there. He had a blast! It's amazing how a few simple pieces of plastic and wood can provide so much entertainment and discovery.

It was a sweet time for the two of us to do something fun together; I've been trying to soak up all of the special "firstborn" moments I get to have with him, since I know I won't get another chance.

Once he got tired of the equipment, we walked over to a nearby field and picked some dandelions. This has since become Lyndon's favorite pastime. He squeals and points anytime he sees dandelions, straining to reach them, and he'll hold them in his chubby little fist for hours if I let him.

Near the end of our adventure, I realized that our library was scheduled to have storytime soon, so we headed over there. I expected something dinky and cute, since this wasn't the swanky storytime you had to pre-register for. Turns out I have amazing timing. A two-person children's theatre troupe was visiting all the way from NC to do an original show. They were fantastic! Their story was about an owl . . .

and a turtle . . .

who became friends even though they were different. They almost let their species' prejudices get in the way of their friendship, but in the end, they decided to play together anyway. The turtle sang a lovely original song, asking "Why is it wrong to get along?" Good question, turtle.

It was a lovely morning.

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InDeeds said...

What a fun time!