Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a conversation with Lyndon

(If you're not familiar with baby sign language, I've provided some helpful links.)

Hey buddy, are those some good Cheerios you're eating?

More? You want more? Oh, ok. Can you say "please"?

Very good. You may have some more.

Hey buddy, you're eating Cheerios. Can you say "eat"?

(He really did just stick his fingers in his mouth. There were no Cheerios in his hand.)

Speaking of your hand, where is it?

Nicely done. Now, where's your head?

How about your belly? Where's your belly?

Great job! Now give me a smile! Show the nice readers your teeth.

(See the molar coming in waaay back there?)

Ok, now I'll let you get back to your Cheerios.


Beth Anne said...

yay for signs!

InDeeds said...

He is so good with his signs! Most impressive!

Maura said...

very cute! Love sign language too!