Monday, April 25, 2011

affected on Easter

We sang this on Easter Sunday, and it really affected me. I realized I hadn't thought about the resurrrection in a long time. It's just not something that I regularly consider. The cross, maybe. But I often stop there, which is silly. That's like stopping a movie 20 minutes before the end and trying to get excited about what a great story it was. The story of Jesus did not end with the cross. Was the cross important? Absolutely. Does it have a breathtaking beauty in its own right? You bet. Was it God's final word on the matter? Nope. The empty grave was. Praise be to God!

When we were dead in our transgressions
Jesus, You came to bring us back to God
You canceled the debt that stood against us
Set it aside, nailing it to the cross
Now with joy we can proclaim
You’ve overcome the grave
You took our curse away
There is no other name by which we’re saved
For in Your death we died
In You we have new life
Jesus, Your name alone can save

Now death has lost its sting forever
Because You arose we do not hope in vain
You defeated every evil power
Disarming them all bearing our guilt and shame
And forever we’ll proclaim (to chorus)

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