Thursday, February 3, 2011

poetry for Lyndon, on the occasion of his birthday

I wanted to write Lyndon something for his birthday, but inspiration simply would not strike. Can't imagine why; it's not like I haven't written a poem in over a year or anything. I tried for hours, but all that came out was soppy, awkward mush. Then, today, out of the blue (actually, out of the shower), there it was, a first line. I hurried downstairs, and the rest came within half an hour. Enjoy!

Because I Love You
For Lyndon-- Happy First Birthday

Before I first laid eyes on you,
I already knew what I would do.
I'd climb a mountain high for you;
I'd swim an ocean wide for you,
Grow wings and fly, if you needed me to,
Because I already loved you.

And when I first laid eyes on you,
I knew exactly what I'd do.
I'd stay up every night for you;
I'd rock you, hold you, cuddle you
And be there for you, if you needed me to,
Because I fell in love with you.

And now your first year here is through,
I know exactly what I'll do.
I'll teach you everything I knew;
I'll guide your steps, be strong and true
And let you go, when you need me to,
Because I'll always love you.

1 comment:

Beth Anne said...

very sweet! a special gift he'll appriciate for years to come