Friday, February 11, 2011

gratuitous cuteness

So, I have an exciting snow post in the works and an even more exciting weekend coming up, but until then, I will leave you with some (fairly) recent cute photos. Because I can.

Here we are at Lyndon's little birthday celebration, at my in-law's house. This face pretty much sums up Lyndon's feelings about birthday parties. Confusion, followed by boredom, followed by meltdown. So, we decided to skip the big party this year.

BUT, lest you think that Lyndon and I are all fuss and no play, let me assure you; we have a great time. Even ACME circulars are fun when you're one year old. And Sharpies. But Sharpies are fun at any age.

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InDeeds said...

I love the cuteness! Phoebe is also a fan of "reading" the circulars with me.