Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This just in! Mow your lawn!

My husband has encouraged me to follow the news more. There ARE interesting stories online, he claims. It isn't all the "Someone was Shot in Philly" and "Deadly Fire Kills Apartment Owner and Two Dogs" types of stories that appear on televised news.

But I digress...

The point of this post is to inform you about a bit of news I read today. Apparently, in the town where I live, it is no longer acceptable to let your grass grow. According to the article (which you can find on Google News, if you happen to live in my town), a new ordinance has been passed that declares, "any grass or other natural growth above 10 inches on any residential property in the Town" is unacceptable. Growth of this kind will result in an official warning; the homeowner then has 7 days to mow his lawn or the Town will do it for him and send him the bill of "the cost thereof, together with any fines and cost".

Really? I mean, I knew I lived in cookie-cutter suburbia, but . . . really? We need an ordinance to enforce this kind of thing? Is someone really letting their townhouse grass go to seed? What about the family I saw growing corn in their backyard? It was taller than 10 inches. Or those homesteaders who have lived in this town since before it could pass ordinances? They don't have the right to do as they please with their property anymore?

Don't get me wrong; I believe homeowners have a responsibility to keep their homes and properties well cared for. But that's just it: it's THEIR responsibility. Different things pass for "well cared for" in different communities, and a homeowner should be in tune with that. Isn't that why we have deed restrictions? Just because a herd of sheep isn't acceptable in my townhouse community doesn't mean it can't fit nicely with my friend's neighborhood down the road (true story). Does the town government really have the right to declare that all properties must adhere to one standard of neatness, or else?

My husband was right. Internet news IS enlightening


Ten Page said...

Well, grass that is 10 inches high is a bit unreasonable, but does that mean you're not allowed to keep flowers or shrubs or trees? Oh my.

Maura said...

I do love the sheep...hehehe