Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Months Old!

Happy three months, little guy!

Things Lyndon has learned in the last 3 months:
  • how to breathe
  • how to eat
  • how to smile
  • how to hold his head up
  • who his mommy and daddy are
  • how to charm his grandparents into doing anything for him
Things I have learned in the last 3 months:
  • how to change a diaper
  • how to change a diaper without getting peed on every time
  • that what I thought of as sleep training had very little to do with it
  • how to go from sound asleep to wide awake at the slightest noise
  • exactly how little sleep I need to function
  • how to ask doctors dumb questions
  • that I am not always right, nor do I know everything
  • how to spend every waking moment of an entire day thinking about serving someone else
I'm not sure who's learned more, me or the little guy.


InDeeds said...

A whole quarter of a year! Wow!

Ten Page said...

That's an amazing teddy bear 8-)

Perhaps you have learned some deep lessons, but Lyndon has learned hugely important life functions.

Maura said...

That is a super handsome and cute boy!!!!