Wednesday, April 21, 2010

technology troubles solved!

This post brought to you by my brand new Dell netbook... which was brought to me by the generous check the post office sent us. :[) Despite all their incompetence, they do keep their word.

*aside* As I typed the previous paragraph, Lyndon grabbed one of his toys-- the first time he's done it on purpose! He's blowing raspberries too, also a new skill.

I won't even try to update you on all we've been doing in the last two months . . . but this about sums it up:


InDeeds said...

Positively love the hair cut :-) Can't wait for more updates!

Courtney Pilling said...

Oh wow, little man is getting a whole identity and personality to himself. How precious! =) Welcome back to the internet land! -Court

Maura said...

What an adorable little boy! glad you're back and that you have a computer!