Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Posting

Hello there. Remember me? I have been on a (inflicted, not chosen) leave of absence from the blogging world for several weeks now, and I finally got some time on hubby's computer to tell you why. After only a few weeks of basking in the glory of my netbook, it broke. Some of the keys stopped working. Not a big deal, we thought. It's still under warranty. We'll just send it back to Acer, and they will fix it. We failed to take into account the incompetence of USPS. My laptop came back, damaged, and Acer refused to accept it. Good thing I insured it. (Also good thing the guy stamped "Fragile" all over the packaging, but I digress.)

To make a long story short, USPS is processing our claim, and we should receive either a check or my poor, broken netbook in a few weeks. So, until then, this is Meredith, signing off . . .


InDeeds said...

Such sadness. It was nice to talk to you today -though I can't wait until you can return to the world of blogging!

Courtney Pilling said...

Hoep all is well with the Peterson family!