Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strawberry picking is hard work.

Every year our playgroup goes strawberry picking. And every year, I say I'm going to go. And this is the first time I actually made it. It sounded so exciting: picking your own delicious, perfectly ripe strawberries, getting the kids involved in bringing home their own food, wandering through a field together in the warm May weather...

... make that VERY warm May weather.

The day we went was one of the first really hot days of the year. I'm pretty sure it was already over 90 degrees by the time we arrived at 10am. After about 15 minutes out in the (very sunny) strawberry patch, Lyndon started signing "please all done" and waving "bye-bye" to everyone he saw. I tried to encourage him to keep going, but, after another few minutes, I had to agree with him. Pregnancy makes me much more sensitive to sun and heat than I usually am, but I still felt like a total wuss as I watched the other moms with their multiple kids, newborns and strollers bravely soldier on. Luckily, there was an (indoor) farm market to explore and a shady spot to tailgate and eat some lunch.

And then there were milkshakes.

Which, of course, made it all better.

Oh, and the just over a pound of strawberries that we managed to pick were as incredible as I thought they would be. Definitely going again next year... just... earlier.

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InDeeds said...

Good call with the milkshakes...strawberry picking is awesome, but it does always tend to be a lot warmer than one would hope.