Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's official: Lyndon said his first word!

Well, actually, we think Lyndon has 3 or 4 words in his repertoire, but we've been unwilling to believe that our almost one year-old can talk until we're absolutely sure. And now there's one word that he consistently uses to refer to the same thing, which is about as sure as it gets.

And his first word was . . . "Dada". Big surprise, right?

Adrian, of course, was elated at this development. And I think it's absolutely adorable that Lyndon loves his daddy so much and can now articulate some of that love.

I keep waiting for him to say "Mama" too, but he stubbornly refuses to include that word in his vocabulary, no matter how much I coax him.

Our conversations go something like this:
"Lyndon, it's Mama. *points to self* Say 'Mama'."
"No, not Daddy. Mama. Say 'Mama'."
*giggle* "gurgledava."
*sigh* "Good try, little man."

I'm convinced that he used to use "Dada" to refer to both of us, essentially meaning "parent," not just "Daddy". Not now, though. Now, he points to Adrian and very clearly says, "Dada", and he never uses it to refer to me anymore. I'm taking this as a good sign that "Mama" may not be far off.

Other words include: "All done", "Yes", and "Cheese" (you read that right; cheese).

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InDeeds said...

Go Lyndon!
I love that he says cheese :-)