Monday, October 25, 2010

field trip to Filasky's

On Friday, our play group went to Filasky's Farm for a hayride and some pumpkin picking. It was a lovely time, despite the October chill.

First, we learned where pumpkins come from. Did you know it takes 100 days to grow a pumpkin?

Ethan was pretty pumped about the inflatable slide. It did look pretty fun, although I guess I'm too old for things like that. :-(

Say 'hi' to the scarecrows!

This was a cute idea. The signposts had questions on them, like, "What should you do when your teacher asks a question?" or "How many times a day should you brush your teeth?" The right answer took you through the maze, while the wrong one led you to a dead end. One of our older boys ran ahead and pretty much took us all through.

wandering through the soybeans

This brother and sister pair really enjoyed the hayride . . .

as did these guys.

This little guy was so cute, I had to get a few pictures of him. He was pretty much in awe of everything, especially the tractors.

a good-sized pumpkin patch

I totally embraced babywearing for the day and have decided I'd like to do it more often.
It was a lovely morning.

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Maura said...

Lovely pictures! can I get a few of those from you?