Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lyndon bonds with his aunt, nana and pop-pop

We went to a family barbecue this weekend, and Lyndon spent some quality time with his extended family. First, he bonded with his Aunt Christina by doing one of her favorite things . . . texting.

It's a testament to her love for him that she let him have her phone in the first place, although he can be pretty convincing. To say that he loves cell phones is putting it mildly. He had a full-blown meltdown (tears and everything) the other day because I was talking on mine in front of him, and I wouldn't let him have it.

He also explored the grounds a little with his Pop-Pop. . .

I love taking him to places with big, old trees and lots of soft grass because he's so enthralled by it all. It's completely different from anything we have around here. I think he examined every leaf on that tree that he could reach.

Then his Nana put him on a folding chair, and we all held our breath, waiting for him to topple over. . .

He, of course, loved being unstable and wobbly.

It was a lovely day, filled with food, friends, family, and a nap-free afternoon. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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InDeeds said...

love love love the picture of him with the cell phone. Haha.