Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Wherever you are...

... be all there." -- Jim Elliot

We decided this week that, since God obviously wants us here, here is where we're going to be... not just in a geographical sense, but in an emotional sense as well. We're going to make this our home, not just a place we're living. And if we move next year, then we move next year, but we will have lived every moment in this town as if we belonged here, not as if we were just hanging on until we could go somewhere else.

It felt great to decide that. I hadn't realized how temporary this place was starting to feel to me. It didn't feel like a home at all, and I was reluctant to make it one because I constantly felt like we were about to move on. But now I feel like I can put my energy into this place-- this house, this neighborhood, this church, these people-- and there isn't an imminent move looming over my head. I feel like I can finally settle down a little. I can love what I have, not pine for what I don't.

As a small expression of that, Adrian and I did something on Saturday that was on my to-do list back in May but got postponed when we found out we were pregnant...

We painted our bedroom.

Now, you may not realize how momentous this was. Keep in mind that we've had paint chips on the wall opposite our bed for over a year. They were there every morning and evening, reminding us that our room looked exactly like it did the day we moved in. But now it doesn't.

I don't have any "before" pictures, but you know what "contractor's white" looks like, right? Imagine that. Then look at this...

It's a lovely Pottery Barn yellow (mixed by Wal-Mart) that changes with the light, so it looks happy in the morning, but cozy in the evening. Adrian woke up at 7 on Sunday and remarked that our room looked "about 10 different shades of yellow". He then started talking about how we could do an accent wall above our bed.

Sounds like somebody's caught the painting bug. Master bathroom, here we come! So glad to be here.

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Maura said...

I am so glad that you are "here." We've had that experience before when we thought we may move to NY several years ago. God will make it clear as time goes on. Lovely room! The yellow is such a nice color.