Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Past Week

The past week and a half has been quite hectic around here. Lyndon had a dr. appointment, Adrian had an all-day (and evening) field trip, and we were house-sitting for some friends. Also, our (3rd!) anniversary came and went, and my parents stayed with us for a few days so we could go out on a date. Add in the fact that we've been attempting to fix Lyndon's nap problem (that he won't take them) for a few weeks now, and you have one very crazy week. Hence the slacking on the blogging. But a Virtually Accountable post is in the works, and until then, I will attempt to placate you with Lyndon's first summer experience...

his first dip in the pool with daddy

He did much better than I expected, but that face pretty much sums up how he felt about the pool. He did like it when he saw other kids swimming around and jumping in. That prompted a few attempted swan dives, although I don't think he understood that if he dove into the water, he would get wet.

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InDeeds said...

Thats a pretty cute face :-)