Tuesday, January 6, 2009

words of peace and comfort

When one takes a leap of faith in a certain direction and doesn't see the bridge, or even a parachute yet, it's easy to regret every leap one has ever taken, especially if one finds oneself with a large amount of free time in which to think and worry.

So here I am, being haunted by the ghosts of jobs past: jobs that I was offered but turned down for one reason or another, jobs that could have led me where I want to be, jobs that I was so perfect for but didn't get.

And as I'm fighting the self-pity and regret that comes with these thoughts, a song starts playing. It goes something like this:

"King of glory, I know you love me
So I will trust you
Yes I will trust you
God almighty, you have saved me
So I will trust you
Yes I will trust in you."

But the bridge was the kicker:

"How can I not trust my King?
The one who has formed me and shaped me
I will rejoice and will sing
For the one who has made me has saved me."

God has a plan for my life, and it's GOOD! He formed me and shaped me; He gave me these talents and abilities, and He has a plan to use them for HIS glory, but it's for MY good too! How can I not trust someone who holds the universe in the palm of His hand, yet chose to suffer and die to save a wretch like me? My God is infinitely powerful, all-knowing and wise, yet infinitely good, kind and merciful. Praise be to God!

*Song quotes are taken from "So I Will Trust You", from the album "Come Weary Saints" by Sovereign Grace Ministries

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