Saturday, March 5, 2011

snow shots

Well, it's warming up around here; we're all hoping and praying that spring is on its way. And, just in time, I finally got our snow pictures uploaded and organized. So here we go. It's snow time!

almost ready to go . . . just need one more thing . . .

Ah, that's better. My little marshmallow.

our front door, complete with snow drift, Christmas wreath and mildly makeshift Christmas lights

 our little pond all iced over and one of our little trees

He enjoyed touching the snow, but he got a little frustrated with his snow suit. He couldn't crawl in it or balance very well while sitting up.

So I brought some inside for him. I got the idea from a toddler teacher I used to work with; she used to bring some snow inside for the kids every time it snowed. He loved it.

The snow should be more fun next year when Lyndon can actually walk around in it, but I think he enjoyed it fairly well this year, as well. Hopefully, he can help daddy shovel next year, too!

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InDeeds said...

I sympathize with Lyndon's snowsuit frustration. I remember as a little kid thinking snowsuits were the silliest is anyone supposed to move in them!

Nice pictures!