Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Please pardon the temporary hiatus. Perhaps this will explain...

Last week, still in the wake of The Thanksgiving Stomach Bug, Lyndon, Adrian and I got colds. No big deal. Just a few runny noses.

And then Lyndon stopped sleeping. For three days. So we thought ear infection. But then he started getting better, so no doc visit. Just lots of TLC (and some Tylenol). Then I got worse, and Adrian came home early from work yesterday to take care of me. Some cough drops, tea, and the first good night's sleep in a week later (courtesy of Tylenol Cold PM), and I was fit as a fiddle. Lyndon was sleeping perfectly again and even starting to dry up a little. As of this afternoon, I thought we could finally see the light at the end of this tunnel of sickness.

And then Lyndon threw up. Three times.

*sigh* So it's off to the dr. tomorrow for my little guy. We don't know if the Plague has come back (please no, please no) or if it really is an ear infection messing with his balance. He just went to sleep-- miraculously-- after only 1/2 oz. of breastmilk, a fraction of what he normally gets before bed. And I have no idea what kind of night it will be from here on. But I do know that I'm already sick and tired of the Peterson family being sick and tired.

Is this how it is every winter for those of you with multiple children? Geez.

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